Here is a knockout strategy for getting yourself into a powerful mindset when things aren’t happening for you. This could be on track, dealing with your team (could be a big posh team, or your mum and dad) or handling a potential sponsor.

  1. Find out which famous driver you respect most – it could be an F1 champion or any top flight driver you really look up to.
  2. Study that driver, watch videos about them and read their biographies.
  3. Gain an understanding of what makes that driver tick, so you relate to them and feel like you know them.

For example I’ll go with Schumacher, since he seems to have crushed every challenge in motor racing – but Senna, Alonso, Moss, Clarke or Villeneuve would all be just as good for me.

Now, when you find yourself stalling, or feeling weak – moments when you feel you are not bossing the situation –  ask yourself what your favourite driver would do.  Here are a couple of examples:


1 – “I feel like I’m just not quick enough, but everyone is criticising me and making it worse”

2 – “I know that I have to front this guy and ask him to sponsor me, but what if I embarrass myself”


Ask yourself “WHAT WOULD SCHUMACHER DO RIGHT NOW?” Then absorb the answer and turn it into your own strategy.

So, in Schumacher’s case my own answer would be:

  1. I’m going to vow to prepare so well for each track that there is no way I will be slow – then I will psychologically dominate the team around me so that they feel inspired by me – they will never feel the need to critisise me because they will be so full of respect for me as a person!
  2. I’m going to be so full of confidence in my own ability that I will blow this guy away – he is going to think he needs to back me because I am a powerhouse force of nature, and certain to pay him back ten times over!

Now, if you have read enough about your own favourite driver you are bound to find in your memory, a very close example of where they faced the same situation and went for it, they did something that you will remember as very brave, or very smart….

Now all you have to do is, do just that!!

Whatever the answer is….. do it – The point is that the driver you have chosen as your personal favourite, was chosen by you because you relate to them already – so it is very likely that the answer to your question “What would Schumacher do?” will also be what you should do…..

So do  it.

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