It sounds crazy to say, but I really do love how unfair karting is!

Of course I have suffered plenty of pain because drivers with big budgets have a sometimes unassailable advantage, and everyone involved bemoans the tragedy of talent not being able to shine through.


But at the same time, to compete in this insanely unfair sport a driver who wants to progress has to develop exceptional traits in order to make it. They need to learn how to:

  • Become a relentlessly improving driver to bridge that gap.
  • Develop superior mental toughness to cope with the crippling adversity.
  • Make themselves valuable enough attract funding or earn it.
  • Rise above self-pity and create a  never give up attitude.
  • Push themselves harder than any other driver

Now if karting was fair, then would they need to do any of that? Probably not.

So for me, karting provides unrivalled adversity and therefore the opportunity to develop outstanding people with the power to achieve anything!

Ask yourself ‘who gets the most out of karting?’.

Is it the rich driver who gets looked after in every way imaginable and has an easy path….


Is it the poor driver who has to develop themselves through adversity and failure after failure, learning how to pick themselves up and push harder, becoming a super-strength individual along the way who knows they can’t be defeated.

I’d say the rich kid gets the raw end of the deal!


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