(The purpose of this article is to set a fire under for arse if you need money to race)

Did you know that David Coulthard consults to big business on the F1 way do things and obviously charges high fees…. And they wouldn’t pay unless they made fortunes from what they learn from him.

Did you know that illustrious professional racing driver coach Enzo Mucci also coaches executives. They pay him to give insight into how pro racing drivers thrive in the world’s toughest environment.

Think about this carefully….. Racing people go out into the business world to train companies how to use lessons from the racing world to make money.

They want some of that racing driver magic to fuel their business.

Do you need money to go racing?… You already have what it takes in your blood!!

YOU are already a racing driver and you have developed the characteristics that mean you are ready right NOW to bring in the dollars. 

Here are things you use every day in karting naturally that mean you are fully equipped right now to blow the doors off business people and win their backing:

Be aggressive: Every race you know how to use aggression to assert yourself and take positions.  In business you need aggression to force yourself into situations like knocking on a door, or phoning a company for the first time. 

Beat fears fast: All drivers know fear, and if they want to progress they have to beat their own fears in a millisecond or they lose.  Every time you need to speak to a potential sponsor you will feel fear of rejection – treat that fear of rejection just the same as any on-track fear….. kill it fast!

Make your moves: You can’t sit behind other drivers waiting for them to get out of your way, you have to pounce on opportunities now! It’s just the same in the business world – one day you will be handed a business card by someone and they’ll say call her, she might be interested.  Don’t put the card away and wait…. act now just like when you see a chance to pass.

Go flat out all day, get up the next day and go flat out: You practice flat out on Saturday, you drive flat out in the races Sunday, there’s no easy going.  So, do the same chasing sponsors, hit it hard day after day – racing drivers don’t have slow days.

Bad weather is the time for you to push harder, when everyone else chickens out you win: Sudden rainstorms for drivers are opportunities to catch everyone else on the hop. Bad economy is just the same, the driver says ‘let’s have it’.

Don’t be afraid to crash, in fact crash often: Racing drivers aren’t afraid to bin it.  Take that attitude into business, and don’t be afraid to get turned down by sponsors, make adjustments and take it flat out again!


In other words every situation in the sponsorship world has an on-track equivalent  – ask yourself would I chicken out in a kart – the answer should always be no!

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