I get a lot of really positive feedback about how my chapter on braking has helped drivers make a sudden breakthrough, leading to podium finishes and wins!

So, I’m giving the chapter away for free to you so you can can go out and hopefully do the same.

Braking technique is my NUMBER 1 for creating breakthroughs with drivers. I’ve worked with so many drivers who went from average to race winners overnight, just from working on braking alone! For them it was like somebody just switched on the lights, and boom, they are a member of the club.

Here’s what the chapter covers, including detailed diagrams and the step-by-step instructions you need to master every skill:

  • The First ‘Lock Up’ Braking Barrier To Conquer – Mini Lock Ups
  • Taking ‘Lock Up’ Braking Into A Corner
  • Advanced Trail Braking – Taking Your Braking Even Deeper
  • Stable Braking – If Locking Brakes Isn’t Your Thing
  • Braking Super-Deep To Keep The Kart On Its Nose
  • Beware Using The Front Tyres For Brakes And Killing Your Tyres
  • Power Braking: Fast But Can Kill Brakes and Engines

Download a FREE sample chapter ‘Master Your Braking – The First Step in Becoming a Great Kart Driver

I’m sure you’ll love it and hope you go on to buy the full book 🙂