Here’s one of my trade secrets:

When someone says they drive as smooth as can be, I ask them to watch this video to see what I mean by smooth. This guy redefines what driving with minimum steering inputs is really about. I use this particular video because most drivers understand that being smooth in a regular direct drive kart is one thing, but being smooth around Kerpen in a KZ is quite another – yet Bas Lammers makes it look simple.  Incredible stuff, I watch it myself as a reminder of what its all about!

I’d suggest everyone watches this video a 100 times at least!

Pay close attention to the steering wheel and how little he needs to turn the wheel to set the kart for a corner, then get through the corner and exit. Keep in mind that this is a KZ which is as wild a machine as can be imagined!

This is the ultimate smoothness target for every karter if smoothness is your thing.

Photo credit: Paul Slamski – coaching with Team Karting and Joe Slamon at Fulbeck

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