Learn How to Master the Art of Kart Driving

Command your kart, dominate your opponents and grow your self-confidence with advanced techniques and winning strategies used by the pros

Discover the secrets Terence Dove has learned over 15 years, from working with World Champions, European Champions and National Champions on how to take a racing kart to the absolute limit.

  • Over 180 pages covering every kart driving technique in clear and understandable detailsee full contents here.
  • How to build resilient and genuine self confidence, and why you have to drive your own way.
  • Choose from experience-tested building blocks to build your own highly effective driving style.
  • Understand the different braking methods that work –  hard lock up braking vs soft braking techniques.
  • Learn racing strategies laws of the jungle that maximise the chances of finishing at the front.
  • Use your eyes like a guided weapons system or apex predator to activate untapped primitive mental capacities.
  • Specific wet techniques on using ‘out of bounds’ kerbs and special lines to discover superior grip.
  • Crafty mental techniques for power concentration, blistering starts and freaking out your opponents.

All delivered in plain and easy to understand language designed to make learning elite driving techniques easy!

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“Hands down, the best karting book on the market. Only about half way through, but honestly this book is blowing my mind!”

Amazon.com reviewer

“…..some of the new ideas and perspectives that this book is opening up for me are truly revolutionary for my approach – particularly the chapters on mental discipline, and kart loading. The braking chapter by itself was a kick in the butt.”

Amazon.com reviewer

“I’m desperate to get to the track and experiment now – it’s really given me a huge enthusiasm boost. The book is far exceeding my expectations.”

Amazon.com reviewer

“An absolute must for any racing driver looking to understand their driving better. You may not find a single magic pill to go faster but that’s not the point. Very relatable and cleared up many areas which I did not fully understand.”

Amazon.co.uk reviewer

“This is the book I wish was there when my son was kart racing. Tons of great advice that would have helped me do an even better job of supporting my son’s development while he was karting. A surprising amount transcends kart racing and I can see various aspects that still apply now that my son is racing in cars.”

Amazon.co.uk Reviewer

“What I especially like is how rounded it is – covering everything from lines, braking and overtaking as well as how you approach testing sessions, racing strategy and a winning mindset. What you’d expect from arguably one of the world’s leading karting coaches.”

Amazon.co.uk Reviewer

“Essential reading for every kart racer and young driver’s parents. Highly recommended!”

Amazon.co.uk Reviewer

“Worth every penny and some more. Perfect, systematic summary of how to building up a great driver. Even if you think you know everything, this book adds some more. And after that no more to do than practicing…”

Amazon.com Reviewer

Listen to a snippet from Davin Roberts Sturdivant from KartPulse.com on why he loves the book:

 Exactly What is in the Book?

Every chapter delivers clear and step-by-step instructions, that demonstrate precisely how you can improve, just as if Terence was live there with you! The drawings and illustrations are the same ones Terence uses, to give his clients simple yet effective ways to master the skills quickly.

Download a FREE sample chapter ‘Master Your Braking – The First Step in Becoming a Great Kart Driver

Enzo Mucci has taken drivers all the way into F1 -guys like Romain Grosjean and and Esteban Ocon owe a lot to Enzo, and here he is explaining in detail – much better than I can myself – why my book will pay you back massively for the time you invest in reading it!