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They say you have to drive subconsciously and in the zone to be quick…. but what about when you can’t!!

Non-Thinking Driving, The Zone, Subconscious Driving….. These are all the Holy Grail of driving. But they can be deadly to your performance!  Here’s why…. Getting in the zone and driving subconsciously is all the rage with coaches and sports psychologists.  It’s what we are all chasing because we know that when a driver reports being […]

Bring on the rain

PF at the weekend – nobody knew what track conditions would be for any session. This is the new norm for summer karting – dry track with blue sky, and a huge rain storm closing in fast! In conditions like this you are never on the right tyres, and you never have the right set […]

Track walks that get results

Your bog standard track walk to me is a waste of time, its something a team or coach does probably because its what they are expected to do. If I walk the track before the day starts I use it as a chance to chat with the driver, and they do most of the talking […]

Ignore your race results to build real confidence

Getting a kick out of a race result is fine, but if you want to set yourself on a path of mastering kart driving then race results need to quickly become an irrelevance. Developing real confidence in yourself. Karting requires incredible levels of self confidence. And that self confidence needs to be built from  developing […]

What this blog is all about

Welcome to my kart driving mastery blog. Why winning doesn’t mean a thing to me The purpose of this site is to show how mastering the art of kart driving is a worthwhile pursuit in and of itself, regardless of wins or race results. In fact I assert that treating kart driving as an activity […]