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Why winning doesn’t mean a thing to me

The purpose of this site is to show how mastering the art of kart driving is a worthwhile pursuit in and of itself, regardless of wins or race results. In fact I assert that treating kart driving as an activity to master, is a far more worthwhile pursuit than trying to win races.

Mastery means constantly improving yourself as a driver, which means that there is no end. You are constantly engaged in improving, finding new ways to go faster. 

But if winning is the goal, once you win what is left? You need to find a bigger race to win, or a more expensive class to race in! What’s even worse about winning is that it usually isn’t up to you – you will find you win races when everyone else has a bad day. What’s so good about that?? Quite often winning a kart race can be a pretty mediocre achievement, and mediocrity is not the pursuit of a kart racer in my opinion!

Mastery though is different. Mastery is about dedicating yourself to learn in great detail the fine points of driving a kart. With mastery the motivation to improve and search for performance in yourself is inexhaustible. Problems become challenges, obstacles energise you.

So, the posts on this site will be with the aim to help drivers on the road to mastering kart driving.

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