Kart Driver Skills and Confidence Development Programmes

“Rather than tell me what to do, he helped me figure out my own way to succeed on track. This gave me a greater understanding of me, as a driver – in karts as well as when I moved into cars.”

Damani MarcanoVolkswagen Cup RacerDKMRacing
“The changes I have seen him make are nothing short of miraculous but he is able to repeat his achievements over and over again with different individuals and different problems.”
Alex HawkridgeFounder Toleman F1 - Chairman iZone

“….the best part is that he always encourages me and knows that I can always do better. He made me discover things that I never knew I can actually do!….and without him, I couldn’t have won the championship in my country!”

Rashed GhanemLebanon Junior X30 Champion

“Terence helped me analyse my driving style and then helped me improve my driving skills, awareness and most of all helped me win and to be honest he is the best in the world at what he does”

Darren Dawson Mini X30 UKwebsite

“… he taught me to teach myself. I noticed that I could analyse more about my own driving ……. from that day on I had a better ability to teach myself as he gave me a better and more progressive attitude to improving.”

Michael EppsCurrent British Touring Car Driverwebsite

“….He has played a crucial part in making sure I am the best I can be and helped take me to my first national championship. In my opinion, Terence is one of the best driver coaches in the world of karting.”

Jack Partridge2012 TKM Champion - Currently with Pirelli F1

“He taught me to smooth out my aggressive style and some great techniques on how to be smooth, how to brake as late as possible and how to get the best starts!…”

Jack DexRotax Legend - Current Team Owner JDRJack Dex Racing

“…instead of telling me what to do, he let me talk to him and then he told me how to improve on it. I have advanced so much more mentally that I became another driver. I know that now I have more self-confidence, bravery in passing, and aggressiveness”

Elio Jr GiovaneTeam Benik USA

“Ash has continued to build on the excellent foundation provided by Terence, this training / coaching dramatically improved his ability to understand what was happening in the kart”

Ash HandCurrent Renault Sport Driverash-hand.com

Working together is all about YOU

Here is a guiding principle that dictates how I work with drivers:

The self-esteem of the driver is King – and self-esteem comes from a driver learning that they are fully equipped to succeed on their own terms, and in their own way

That means that when you work with me, my job is to help you find your own path to success – in other words we work together to exploit what is unique about you and turn it into success on the race track.

Sure, sometimes this means that I give you information about different driving techniques that have worked before etc., but the core of what we do will be to understand what you want to achieve, and what you want to prove when you race.  When I give you tips or ideas from my experience its up to you to evaluate and adapt them for yourself.

If you are driving to instruction, or proving someone else’s driving methods work – then what is the point??

Think about it, racing drivers need to be super-motivated to succeed.  The great drivers aren’t motivated to prove that old ways of doing things work, they are motivated by the possibility to prove that their way is best, and that they are the best!

So, when we work together we are aiming to harness your greatness and find your way of driving and prove that it is the best – that your way is a winning way!

Unlimited Contact

I don’t believe in running a clock or charging by the hour, when we work together there are no limits on time.

This includes:

  • Skype calls
  • Onboard videos
  • Data analysis
  • Messenger conversations
  • Email exchanges

Does it work?

Yes, far better than traditional coaching.  My clients regularly win national titles and develop powerful character traits that make them formidable racing drivers, and maybe more important tremendously successful in life!

What’s next?

Let’s talk….

Drop me a line via email terence@evenflow.co.uk – let me know something about your karting situation – we can exchange some ideas and see if I’m the right guy to help take you forwards.