Ash Hand's Father Brendan - 2009 Junior Rotax Kartmasters Winner

"We approached Terence to give Ash some coaching during the early stages of his karting career. Ash started karting relatively late as a Mini Max, so we felt Ash needed some professional coaching because the vast majority of Ash's competitors had already spent years in the cadet class giving them a huge advantage over us.

Terence very quickly identified Ash as a particularly talented driver and quickly brought him up to speed with the driving techniques he needed to advance quickly up the ranks.

Ash has continued to build on the excellent foundation provided by Terence, this training / coaching dramatically improved his ability to understand what was happening in the kart and drivers behaviour around him which meant he had to think not just drive around the track. This enabled him to give constructive feedback and  accelerate his driving ability to get to the front of the grid in a very short time.


In two years Ash has built a fantastic team around him and is the currently the Kartmasters 'British Grand Prix Champion" competing at the FKS (leading) and S1 (5th) after two rounds.. "

Brendan Hand


Ash Hand on his way to victory at Kartmasters 2009. For more on Ash go to his website.