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Alex Hawkridge, Toleman F1

"I have worked in high level motor sport for for over 45 years and in 1984, as Boss of the Toleman F1 Team, I signed the legendary Ayrton Senna as my lead driver during his first season in Formula 1. Many of my key staff, like designer Rory Byrne at Ferrari who won 7 World Championships with Michael Schumacher and Pat Symonds, who was Schumacher's Engineer at Benetton winning 2 World Championship and 2 more with Fernando Alonso at Renault. I am a good judge of Talent in Racing.

I have enjoyed watching Terence Dove working as coach and mentor with quite diverse types of drivers and a variety of key issues and I have worked closely with him in Karting. His approach is to really understand the driver and how he is driving and how he is thinking and then to communicate, in exactly the most appropriate way, to bring about the change in attitude, approach and technique desired. He does this both at and way from the track. He is always ready to take a call from his young charges and give support and advice whenever it is sought.

Terence has a skill to communicate with Kids, which is unique in his field, and he takes great care to make sure their experience is both rewarding and enjoyable. The changes I have seen him make are nothing short of miraculous but he is able to repeat his achievements over and over again with different individuals and different problems. The process he employs takes time because he thinks deeply about solutions once he has thoroughly analysed the problems. Because he is constantly thinking about how best to help his clients coupled to his professional approach, he really has no serious competitors in Karting, that come close to equalling his achievements.

All the drivers I have asked him to work with, have the fondest memories of their experience with him and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who feels their child could benefit from coaching and mentoring. For a personal appraisal of Terence in confidence feel free to call me (request Alex's contact details on the contact page)