Get Race Winning Driving Secrets Applied to Your Own Driving…..


Want to find out which race winning karting secrets you need now, so you can stop pouring your karting budget down the drain?


You know that the information on this site reveals a ton of karting secrets that the winners use to well… win!


But which of the EvenFlow results transforming secrets apply specifically to your driving right now?? There are so many aspects of your driving that can be holding you back and it only takes one to make the difference.

◊ Are you braking too late, too soft, too hard, too early?


◊ Are you using too much steering angle, or being too soft on the kart?


◊ Are you hitting the gas pedal too early?


◊ Are you too aggressive or too passive at starts, are you missing opportunities to pass or being over zealous?


What if you are doing nothing wrong, you’re driving is sweet how would you know? You might be racking your brains when you are already getting the most out of what you’ve got!


If you are feeling frustrated because you aren’t getting the results your efforts deserve then you can bet your bottom dollar that its because there are a too many questions swirling around in your head and not enough answers!


I know what it’s like because I’ve been there.  I spent years pounding round tracks up and down the country, constantly feeling frustrated that other drivers were absolutely smoking me!


Of course like any average karter I was broke, but even when I was on a wicked motor and new tyres I was still getting my arse handed to me on a plate!


Then one day I cracked the code, getting a lift from my old  engine builder I noticed how he held the steering wheel and used his arms, as he drove his car like a bloody lunatic (like many ex-karters do, he drove his road car like a kart including leaping over kerbs!).


Next time I drove, I copied his driving posture, adopted the same attitude and bang, went straight to pole position!  And I knew why, it was no fluke and I could carry it on.


Point is, apart from that one steering technique, I was doing pretty much everything else right…..


It was just that one thing that I wasn’t applying to my driving that held me back for years…. literally years I was bankrupting my Dad for nothing.


All I needed was someone to say ‘hey, try this’. As it happened I got very lucky and noticed one thing that changed my life!


Nice story, but how the hell does this help you?


If you are driving your heart out and doing your very best then there are probably lots things you are doing right.  You can be performing ninety-nine techniques perfect in a kart and it will the one thing that is wrong that is screwing you.


Thing is you can’t see it, and its not like you haven’t got a hundred and one other things to be thinking about at a race track.  Who has got time to analyse their driving while being screamed at to find that ******** 13mm socket, then put on two more teeth, and oh no it just started raining??!!


And of course in the meantime the guys who can afford to have a big team, data engineers and a personal coach are kicking your butt.


But if you can find that one thing, you can unleash a torrent of performance you didn’t even know was there. And you will learn that a big tent with sliding doors doesn’t count for didley squat - you really can beat those guys.  If you have your driving technique really sorted, and you know it for sure - you can run with the best from your 3x3 argos tent out the back of the estate car.


Here’s what I can do for you.


First, I need some help from you. I need you to video your driving, you probably already have a go-pro camera or another bargain camera. Film your driving and send it to me.


I will pick your video apart like a prospector sifting through dirt looking for nuggets of gold - and believe me I will find those little driving gems and make certain you understand what you already do right.


Then I’ll do the hard bit, figure out what isn’t working and put together a plan for you turn around your driving in record time.


Here’s what this means to you.

  • You find out what parts of your driving you need to keep - no more money burning laps trying to change what is already good.

  • You find out what is going wrong, your problem is now pin-pointed and subject to my laser focussed attention.

  • You get step-by-step instructions on how to turn your technique problem into a driving strength

  • You become a complete driver, with the skill to compete with the best.



♦You can have a report delivered to you by email explaining in detail how you can improve, or we can arrange a time to talk it over for an hour on skype or phone. Whichever suits you.


But wait - I will check out your video for FREE


Not sure if you want to buy video training because your footage might not show anything worthwhile?


No problem, send me the video you have and I will check it out, and send you a quick appraisal absolutely free and with no obligation.


I will look at your video personally, and then get back to you with how I think I can help you fix your problems once and for all.  This is totally free, and once I get back to you, you can take or leave the offer - no hard feelings!


This is a limited time offer  - you have to act now.


I love working with all the types of kart drivers out there-  World Championship contenders, indoor karters, cadets just starting out and old timers who want show the young ‘uns a thing or two.  This offer is open to any driver worldwide, so long as we can communicate in English!


There are a lot of you out there and I only have so much time to watch karting videos before it starts to mess me up!  So I strongly recommend you get your video over to me, once I get tired of watching videos I will pull down this page or put the price up - but I’m not sure when, it could be anytime :-)


Heres what you need to do now.


◊  Get some video footage ready. I recommend you send me the video with a Youtube link, or upload it to your Google account and share it with me.  I’ll accept any means of getting video to me however.


Email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with the video link.  I can take a look at the video and get back to you with a concise appraisal totally free


Then you can decide if you want to buy your full video training report.








What my video Coaching clients have been saying already

"All the information in your video report really helped me … I got the pole position last week-end and finished second in the final … A big difference … I applied your system and I got instant results....

your input was really helpful, almost magic, the biggest difference right now is that I’m able to align 20 to 30 laps in a row and stay very close to my best time lap with a small variation between each lap and usually not more then 0,3 sec of difference with the best and the worst lap." Louis-Jean Boucher, KZ Driver Canada




"I am truly amazed on how much more confident and how much smoother justice's driving has become and improved in a very short period of time. Justice is much faster due to Terence's video coaching. The last statement I want to make and I truly believe is that ' If you want to get faster, then you need to call Terence'. Thank you Terence for helping my son Justice." Ulysses Lepe, father of cadet driver in the USA Justice Lepe



Video Coaching FAQ's


Can I send more than one video if I'm not sure the footage isn't good enough?

What you pay for really is the report, so you can send more than one video no problem. If I don't think the footage is good enough I'll ask for more and you keep your credit.


I am not based in the UK, does this offer apply to overseas drivers?

Yes, this offer is designed especially for drivers all over the world!


Do I have to send my video right away? I won't be driving for a while

Take all the time you need to get your video ready - Once you pay your spot is reserved.


What is the best type of camera to use?

By far the Go Pro Motor Sports Hero is the best camera to use.


Where do I need to mount the camera.?

The best place for video coaching is to mount the camera on your helmet if safe to do so. Then I get a driver's eye view.

The next best place is on the radiator if you have one.