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How Smooth is Really Smooth in a Kart

Here’s one of my trade secrets: When someone says they drive as smooth as can be, I ask them to watch this video to see what I mean by smooth. This guy redefines what driving with minimum steering inputs is really about. I use this particular video because most drivers understand that being smooth in […]

Using Braking Points vs Braking on Instinct in Karting

What is better, using strict braking points or just hitting the brake when it feels right? My answer….Whichever you prefer! Here are the pros and cons of using strict braking points vs braking by instinct. Using strict braking points. Pros You always know it’s going to work which inspires confidence You can adjust the braking […]

Wet Lines for Karting Explained Video

Karting in the wet is all about staying off the rubber and getting the kart straight to guarantee fast exits. If you slide the rear, or get any wheelspin you can throw away seconds per lap and have no idea why.  So here is a quick explainer video showing you how you can adjust your […]

What Would Schumacher Do?

  Here is a knockout strategy for getting yourself into a powerful mindset when things aren’t happening for you. This could be on track, dealing with your team (could be a big posh team, or your mum and dad) or handling a potential sponsor. Find out which famous driver you respect most – it could be […]