Free copy of my book from AiM when you buy Mychron 5

I’m going to be producing some new videos about data logging because it is the number one way for a budding karting champ to get ahead of the game.  In fact it drives me crazy that the vast majority of drivers collect data but never look at it!

Anyway that’s a whole other story 🙂

For now I want to draw your attention to the fact that AiM technologies are offering a free copy of my book with every qualifying purchase on their online store, which includes the new Mychron 5 (a major step forward in GPS data logging for karts)

To take advantage of the offer head to this page



Wet Lines for Karting Explained Video

Karting in the wet is all about staying off the rubber and getting the kart straight to guarantee fast exits. If you slide the rear, or get any wheelspin you can throw away seconds per lap and have no idea why.  So here is a quick explainer video showing you how you can adjust your lines to make your wet driving life so much easier!

For how to use special techniques in the wet and details of how to attack a wide variety of corners check out my book here